Which album

Has a better chance of being of comprable quality to the others by the same band, Circa Survive’s Blue Sky Noise or Minus the Bears’s Omni?

KRUI Mission Creek Mixtape 2010

Free Music from KRUI? Mad props.


This is the first-ever Mission Creek Music Festival mixtape from KRUI Iowa City 89.7FM. This is what I spent the last month of my life doing. Please enjoy.

3/8/10 Show

York – Wilderness Medicine

There Went Nothing - Bells on Trike

Brutal Honesty – Bygones

Never Meant – American Football

It’s Easy-Eeeee To Be Full of Shit And Look Good In Black - Giraffes, Giraffes

My Sasquatch Stole Lint From My Bear’s Pocket – Trinitron Meets the Mars People

The Scariest Room in the House – The Speed of Sound in Seawater

Methuselah Rookie Card – Snowing

We Don’t Need Luck to Make It – Merchant Ships

Killing A Camera – Braid

Sarah Says We Didn’t Miss Much – Quebec

Keep It On The Download – North of America

Cut Self Not – Faraquet

Rhoda Valley Blues – King Guava

Plains, Trains, Places, & People – Penpal

Dog Looks Like You – Peter and Craig

Get Off Your Ass And Do Something – Peter and Craig

I Love My Friends – Peter and Craig

Let’s Laugh About It Later – So Many Dynamos

This Is What I Want – This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb

People II: The Reckoning – Andrew Jackson Jihad

Not Quite There Yet – Ape Up!

Caramel – Piglet

Daily News – Maps & Atlases

What They Made You Mean – Rockets And Blue Lights

Busy Being Bees – Monument

Ponyboy – Native

Austin’s House – Midwest Pen Pals

Your Werewolf Tatoo Would Look Better If You Took Your Shirt Off

You’re So Thrifty – Clarissa Explains it all

Donut Run – My Head in Clouds

I Am Orion – Lion of the North

BONUS! I’m Hosting Background tonight, 3/4/10

It’s a post-rock show. Check it out. http://www.kruiradio.org/listen/

Boy Detective – Oceans

First Breath After Coma – Explosions in the Sky

Please Tokio, Please THIS IS TOKIO – Don Caballero

Death Rides A Horse – Russian Circles

Crawlspace – Caspian

Year of the Rat – Osso & Sufjan Stevens

Can I Get More Steel In My Monitors? – You.May.Die.In.The.Desert

Wind & Wing – Rumah Sakit

Your Ships Are Googlin’ Pretty Hard – Antarctic

Bring Back The Dagwood, Denny’s – Lone Wolf and Cub

Our Flowers – Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC Start

Radars Over The Ghosts Of Chernobyl – Lights Out Asia

My Autumn Reason – Elements of Something Really Beautiful

Irlanda – Neil On Impressionism

Hymn of Twilight – Followed By Ghosts

Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) – The Mars Volta

Goodbye - Toe

Ape Up!

I cannot believe I haven’t posted this yet. This is probably my favorite band, or at least really close and their demo is free. I’m awaiting the full length that is supposedly coming out this summer with baited breath.

I try not to clutter feeds with lots of pictures, but come on.

I try not to clutter feeds with lots of pictures, but come on.

3/1/10 Show

This show was put together by Kyle. I’m stoked on it because there are a lot of new bands on here, some of which I’ve never listened to AND he threw in some local bands as well. Sweet.

There Ain’t No Can’t in America - Curl Up and Die
Hook, Line, and Sinker - Lord Green
We Are - Stand United
Plague - King Guava
Wiz-a-tron - Texas Instruments
The Machine - The Pax Cecilia
Composition One - note.
Creating Gods - Monarcs
The Bray of Bragging Tongues - Andtheywillriot!
Circus - Your Neighbour the Liar
Some Are White Light - Caspian
Like Lifetime Movies - Lizards Have Personalities
Vega - Explore
Suspended in Carbonite - Antarctica
Strike Hard - Casey Jones
Boy Detective - Oceans
…Passage - Constants
Some Millipedes Have Eyes - Logs
The Honshu Underground - No Trigger
Human Frustration - Osceola
Mathnxiety - Polina
Lost in the Headlights - Pelican
Ashen - Pyramids
Falling Down - Rhinoceros
Threads - This Will Destroy You
Act I: Chasing Suns - The Sound of Animals Fighting
Indian Summer - Riceboy Sleeps

King Guava Demo

via http://www.facebook.com/pages/King-Guava/131592108700

Yelling like Native or the Reptilian with banjos. Kyle’s putting together the playlist this weekend, but if they’re not on his Sunday they will be on the show next Sunday

Grown Ups at White Lightning last night, 2/20/10. They have it set up so all the band members are facing different ways at the same time. They were sloppy and the cops showed up, but they were still pretty solid. Marleen Linares Photo.

Grown Ups at White Lightning last night, 2/20/10. They have it set up so all the band members are facing different ways at the same time. They were sloppy and the cops showed up, but they were still pretty solid. Marleen Linares Photo.

2/22/10 Show

1.     Around – Faraday

2.     Curaga – Fang Island

3.     Peter Pan – Oh, Apollo!

4.     Slowly Moved On – Settlefish

5.     Jeffcore5250IsSoMattDahl – DEERS!

6.     Sex Is Popular – Ghosts and Vodka

7.     Atomic – What Price, Wonderland?

8.     The Scares of Tomorrow – Violent Breakfast

9.     Jump Cut – Adebisi Shank

10.   Of Conquest And Expansion – Antilles

11.   I Found It – Cowboys Aren’t Indians

12.   Give Me the Pen – Desaparecidos

13.   Hulahoop Wounds – At the Drive-In

14.   Horus Part Two – Druids

15.   If There Was Any Wisdom Left They Would Send It Back – Men As Trees

16.   Vivre – Mihai Edrisch

17.   Time Stops – Explosions In The Sky

18.   M.P.S. – Bear vs. Shark

19.   Breath Wish – Algernon Cadwallader

20.   Fivethousand – Calculator

21.   Reflections Of A Heartless Man – Fire Team Charlie

22.   Clusters – RAN

23.   Amy Adams – The Speed of Sound in Seawater

24.   Anchors Aweigh – Adorno

25.   Japam – Botch

26.   Forrest Green and Autumn – Rockets and Blue Lights

27.   Cloud Watching – Shapes Like Dinosaurs


We’ve got local bands, bands that played yesterday in Iowa City, sweet bands, heavy bands, and bands for being sleepy. Check it out, the online stream is back up so there is NO EXCUSE. I also have pictures and reflections from Grown Ups coming shortly.

P.S. I promise I’m done messing with the layout.

New Bomb the Music Industry!

This is a little lighter than most things that I play on my show, but it’s somewhat similar so I posted it here because it’s also amazing.

2/15/10 Show

This is an anti-Valentine’s Day Show, so some of the bands aren’t necessarily what is normally played on the show but it should be really fun and good times will be had by all for sure.

1.       Surprise Party – Grown Ups

2.       Badger – This Town Needs Guns

3.       Motivational Song – Algernon Cadwallader

4.       Rejoice – Andrew Jackson Jihad

5.       Some Natures Catch No Plagues – Saetia

6.       Fabric – Age Sixteen

7.       Careful With That Fax Machine – Rumah Sakit

8.       Fatefully – Hot Cross

9.       Falling In Love With Your Best Friend – Paul Baribeau

10.   Otter Pop! Pop! Pop! (Tierra Luna) - Trinitron Meets the Mars People

11.   Part of Your Body Is Made Out of Rock – Piebald

12.   Dead Girlfriends Can’t Breakup With You – The Flaming Tsunamis

13.   Sleeping False Idol – Giants

14.   Don’t Call Me That In Public – Ape Up!

15.   Knife Fight at the Mormon Church – The Thirty Years War

16.   Free Refills – Lautrec

17.   Damaged Goods – La Dispute

18.   But the Regrets Are Killing Me – American Football

19.   Every Man Has A Molly – Say Anything

20.   Bad Scene, Aaron’s Fault - O Pioneers!

21.   Daft Krunked – Noumenon

22.   Pump Fake – Snowing

23.   Sigil – Lights Out Asia

24.   Taking Back Sunday – Fiction Like Non-Fiction

25.   With Your Eyes Closed – Elements of Something Really Beautiful

26.   Demon Woman – Flight of The Conchords


This is a good screamy band from Olympia, Washington. Has a guy from Kidcrash in it, but this is better than Kidcrash in my humble opinion.


Yeah, I didn’t go to russian circles. Kyle was sick

Yeah, I messed up my song order. Get off my back.

I’m the man. I’ve got the tunes. Let’s jam.

Show Lineup for 2/7/10

Trying to get up and around for Russian Circles, so this’ll further delay that.

1. Orange Cat - Grown Ups

2. If the Jonas Brothers Were From Las Vegas - Like So

3. I Am Orion - Lion of the North

4. Pouch of Hole - Little Kingdoms

5. Trilogy 1 (Sick Cities) - Loma Prieta

6. Fire Burns Squash - Loose Lips Sink Ships

7. A Report: - Majorca

8. Relax and Adapt - Make Me

9. Parked Car - Marquette

10. Well You Damn Well Should - Meet Me In St. Louis

11. Birthday! - Merchant Ships

12. Naitre - Mehai Edrisch

13. Crazy (Willie Nelson) - Mineral

14. Gloaming - Mister Metaphor

15. You Must Deny Me - Mons Wolff

16. Donut Run - My Head in Clouds

17. All of Life is Coming Home - My Heart To Joy

18. Shirts and Skins - Native

19. If She Starts Going All ‘Oprah Winfrey’ On Me I’ll Just Leave

20. Thousands of Angry Bees - Nigel Thornberry

21. Colossal Colossus - North Of America

22. Deans La Deans - Noumenon

23. Saved By The Bell Was A Super Good Show - O Pioneers!!!

24. Caddyshank - Adebisi Shank

25. Climax Of The Virus - After School Knife Fight

26. Now We Rise & We Are Everywhere

27. 4 - Garage Door Toy Car

28. You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat - Birth Rites

29. Never Will Come For Us - Braid

30. Merisi - Caitlyn Bailey

31. Narrow Hallways - Castevet

32. I’m Tired of Paul McCartney - Cinemechanica

33. Blood Mouth - Circlepit Assholes

34. Girls Eat Like Squirrels - Clarissa Explains It All

35. The Dusk of Us - Colossal

Some more local bands, some more classics. Another solid week, but what were you expecting? AMIRITE?